Saturday, July 6, 2019


The sunnier the weather the more ideas for the summer, i have here a simple top and trouser. From the beginning i have a white top and moving further i have a simple tailored African print high waisted trouser and last but not the least a white pair of heels and some random accessories.
By now I’m sure you’ve realized how obsessed I am with African print. I love them, the different colors and patterns on them means a lot to me and African prints can be used in different styles and designs ( shirts , dress , trousers like I’m wearing )

 I really don’t have much to emphasize on  this outfit cause the picture says it all.. speechless this outfit is a multi choice because it can be worn to almost any gathering and you can still blend in. So yes another one the the bag for the summer i hope you like it.

shoes- zara


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