Sunday, January 15, 2017


Hey guys... happy Sunday how was church today.. am so excited because i know this week is a blessed week for me even though i know is also a new school week accompanied with so much stress, but hey that's a life of a medical student. So yes another outfit from my wardrobe styled by me, i chose to go monochrome. This time rather than going for different colors and complimenting them i decided to go for neutral (black and white) colors and look simple but classic and am sure you will agree with me on this, and before i forget i love anything in black and white, they are one of my favorite colors, they match anything you wear and make you look amazing. Like always there is a story to my outfit, so a quick one on my shoe, this happens to be my first ever Zara shoe which i got and its been with me for almost 3 years now, soon to be in the give-away basket. I know some people are like she has so many Zara clothes, shoes and accessories, well, why i have quite a collection is because Zara is a well recognized brand, they produce amazing clothes and shoes and not just that but is also affordable so before some of you disagree with me you should try them and see if their collection is not worth the price and affordable; A  little info on my location, these pictures where taken in front of my school- Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University, i promise to tell you guys more about my school subsequently in my next post. Hope you like the outfit be sure to inbox me on any of my social networks, i love you guys and have a wonderful week.



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