Sunday, April 14, 2019


Hey loves, it’s been a while and I miss you guys so much. Winter was really bad for me i kept on falling ill because of the severe cold which limited me from various activities but hey I’m back now and the weather is so much better I couldn’t be happier. I hope you guys are having a wonderful spring season.

   This weekend my friend had a Christian musical concert (The River) which was actually the inspiration behind the title for this post, I felt like each song spoke directly to me, i was overwhelmed and the atmosphere around was just so different it was like magic, it was a wonderful experience.
    Going for the concert I was totally lost on what to wear but this outfit here spoke to immediately I came across it. I got the pant a while ago on my trip to Poland in a random store, the pant is shinny and I love shinny things lol, together with a suede body-con and to put "the icing on the cake" the black clear swab shoe from Fashion Nova which I got for my birthday which is slowly making its way to becoming my favorite shoe.

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