Thursday, February 2, 2017


Hey guys.., it's been a while i have missed you guys and am sure you guys have also missed me.I really apologize yet again for not keeping you guys updated but is really not my fault, being in a medical school and blogging at the same time is very stressful, sometimes one dominates the over and vice versa. Please i hope you guys do forgive me. To sparkle things up i came up with this outfit just for you guys. To my ladies out there who want to have a girls-out time this is probably one of the choices you should consider in your closet and not just a girls-timeout, you can wear this outfit when you are hanging out with a group of friends and the reason this outfit is a significant choice is cause it's a simple dress with a unique color which is well noticeable in public, it well slim fitted; it brings out the curves and contours around body which most girls would want to be noticed. The idea basically about this outfit is that it's simple, casual, noticeable, sexy and comfortable all at the same time and also it's a multipurpose dress; you can wear it to work, classes, and even to dinner( rocking it with heels), generally this dress is amazing and am sure you would not disagree with me. In case you want to go to school, work, dinner, or  hangout with your friends and you want to look simple, casual, noticeable and sexy, this is a choice of outfit you consider or rather this is an outfit you should go for. This time around i did not wear my usual heels( i love my heels) i went for a super comfortable sneaker 'NIKE AIR HUARACHE' which happens to be a birthday present last year from that special someone and a black leather jacket. This time if you noticed i took an indoor shoot in Beer Theatre in lviv trust me when i say this place is amazing and the workers are so nice to even allow me have a photo shoot i was really grateful, and by the way this is one of the good places to hang out with friends in case you are looking for a hangout spot.




  1. Hey cutie! Keep up the good work
    MJ xx

  2. Wow, this is a great set. I think I love the shoots that tell stories the most. And when I look at you I think "Who is this mysterious beauty, where is she, is she waiting for someone?" You're simply amazing and an inspiration for us all.

    Love, Josie


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