Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Hey guys!!! Let me just start by saying i'm deeply sorry for taking so much time before updating my blog post.. It's been so hard balancing Medical School and blogging at the same but i promise to make the best out of it... 
 On a lighter note its almost spring and the weather is getting much more brighter and a little warmer, knowing the country i am the weather can be very bipolar and has a mind of her own....
 So on this  beautiful day i decided to wear this blanket cape i got last session but never really got to wear it, the blanket cape is so warm, comfortable and super soft.., the best part about this blanket cape is the color its so cool and goes with anything and can be worn anywhere... I have said this before i really love my heels but i'm trying different things so i paired the blanket cape with a beautiful black suede shoe with a simple plain maroon top and this jean i know i'm in love with, the color and texture is wonderful and it happened to be a gift from my uncle.. i know i get a lot of gifts thats because i love gifts.. i hope you love this outfit as much as i do... Hey, lets not forget where i took this beautiful pictures in the historical lviv center



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