Saturday, September 23, 2017


Hello guys, yes another week from my last post and i am getting excited to release another outstanding outfit for you guys, well i thought of what to put as a title for the outfit and yep BLUE is what i came up with. There is a lot about this outfit of which i will share quite a few with you, but first of all, i would like to appreciate Feenadoglobal for hooking me up with this lovely off the shoulder top and high waisted skirt, am sure some people where wondering if it was a branded outfit, she is really that good, you guys can go and check her on Instagram you won't be disappointed. I came about this outfit when i was to model for Feenado  a couple of years back and while modeling the outfit i discover that not only was it nice but it matched my body and fitted me as though it was actually sewn for me, i was very happy when i discovered that nobody had shown interest in the cloth and i was the first to try it on so i decided to buy it and yes today am styling it on my blog.
I decided to wear this blue outfit because blue looks really good on my skin and not to segregate those with dark skin, it will also look good on you guys, in general blue is a very soothing color and it goes with nature. I love how the dress matches with my body figure and i am sure it brings out more of the beauty in me. To make the whole outfit come together i went with a white Zara heels because trust me it brings out more of the beauty than wearing a normal black heel, and the last thing was the kimono, the kimono came in handy because despite the sun it was a little bit chilled, i can  easily get cold and i did not want to cover the outfit with a jacket, so it helped keep me warm a little i outfit can be useful when going to church, any random event, a dinner or even a date.


Saturday, September 16, 2017


Salut les gars (hey guys- translated from french), i have missed you guys so much it has been like forever, well just to answer the inquisitive minds of those that have been wondering what has been happening to blog, i decided to go on a break for a while because i was preparing for a national examination in Ukraine popularly known as KROK. As a medical student and with the year i was in i had to focus my energy more on school work and i believe is the only and most important reason for me taking a break for a while from my blog. So good news because i am back and i will be dropping different cool outfits taken from the summer, and to start with i give you the " graffiti blend".
I decided to go for this outfit because i wanted to try out different colors at once without necessarily 'color blocking' and yes it worked. i went for the skirt because it does not only match the background but it also catches the attention of everyone as you go on your daily activities, it has so many details with different colors and yet still so simple, the white top however is quite simple and being white compliments the skirts and makes you stand out amongst other, the pink heel shoe also is one of my favorite among my collection and so i chose it because its one of my favorite colors and to match this outfit to appreciate the wonderful nature of art, and trust me you can choose different shoes like the flat shoes, canvas and even a sandals to go with this outfit, which means you could go out to a dinner, to a party, to school, and even to work and still look good and unique among your peers. the one true exciting thing about the outfit is the skirt which has so much of art details and colors and the top which compliments it. So if you are looking on how to wear so much colors and yet not look like a rainbow or to be more polite not 'color block' this is the kind of outfit you should go for because you will look stylish and also get the attention of everyone around you. special thanks to a very special someone for gifting this skirt to me.


Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Hey guy.... Happy Sunday, So today we are not talking about fashion.. Its all about make up and the first make up we will talk about is this magical product from inglot "INGLOT DURALINE".
   Its a multi purpose mixing liquid solution which can be used in many ways. It contains Dimethicone  which is a silicon oil form and a colorless liquid used as a moisturizer to treat or prevent rough, scaly, itchy skin and minor irritation. This magical product transforms any powder product into cream or liquid form, making it an easy applied liquid in a very chic glass with a dropper applicator because it's  a silicon oil, a little amount goes a long way.. 

  1. It can be mixed with any loose eyeshadow pigment to create a creamy pigment and it is easy to apply and prevent fall out of pigment. it makes it more Opaque and intense.
 2. It can be mixed with eyeshadows to create a liquid substance with just a little drop and can be used as eyeliner. 
 3. It can be used as a base adhere glitter to prevent glitter fall out.
 4. It can be used to revive your dried-up gel eyeliner and brow pomade, add a little drop to make it creamy and reusable again.



Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Hey guys!!! Let me just start by saying i'm deeply sorry for taking so much time before updating my blog post.. It's been so hard balancing Medical School and blogging at the same but i promise to make the best out of it... 
 On a lighter note its almost spring and the weather is getting much more brighter and a little warmer, knowing the country i am the weather can be very bipolar and has a mind of her own....
 So on this  beautiful day i decided to wear this blanket cape i got last session but never really got to wear it, the blanket cape is so warm, comfortable and super soft.., the best part about this blanket cape is the color its so cool and goes with anything and can be worn anywhere... I have said this before i really love my heels but i'm trying different things so i paired the blanket cape with a beautiful black suede shoe with a simple plain maroon top and this jean i know i'm in love with, the color and texture is wonderful and it happened to be a gift from my uncle.. i know i get a lot of gifts thats because i love gifts.. i hope you love this outfit as much as i do... Hey, lets not forget where i took this beautiful pictures in the historical lviv center


Thursday, February 2, 2017


Hey guys.., it's been a while i have missed you guys and am sure you guys have also missed me.I really apologize yet again for not keeping you guys updated but is really not my fault, being in a medical school and blogging at the same time is very stressful, sometimes one dominates the over and vice versa. Please i hope you guys do forgive me. To sparkle things up i came up with this outfit just for you guys. To my ladies out there who want to have a girls-out time this is probably one of the choices you should consider in your closet and not just a girls-timeout, you can wear this outfit when you are hanging out with a group of friends and the reason this outfit is a significant choice is cause it's a simple dress with a unique color which is well noticeable in public, it well slim fitted; it brings out the curves and contours around body which most girls would want to be noticed. The idea basically about this outfit is that it's simple, casual, noticeable, sexy and comfortable all at the same time and also it's a multipurpose dress; you can wear it to work, classes, and even to dinner( rocking it with heels), generally this dress is amazing and am sure you would not disagree with me. In case you want to go to school, work, dinner, or  hangout with your friends and you want to look simple, casual, noticeable and sexy, this is a choice of outfit you consider or rather this is an outfit you should go for. This time around i did not wear my usual heels( i love my heels) i went for a super comfortable sneaker 'NIKE AIR HUARACHE' which happens to be a birthday present last year from that special someone and a black leather jacket. This time if you noticed i took an indoor shoot in Beer Theatre in lviv trust me when i say this place is amazing and the workers are so nice to even allow me have a photo shoot i was really grateful, and by the way this is one of the good places to hang out with friends in case you are looking for a hangout spot.



Sunday, January 15, 2017


Hey guys... happy Sunday how was church today.. am so excited because i know this week is a blessed week for me even though i know is also a new school week accompanied with so much stress, but hey that's a life of a medical student. So yes another outfit from my wardrobe styled by me, i chose to go monochrome. This time rather than going for different colors and complimenting them i decided to go for neutral (black and white) colors and look simple but classic and am sure you will agree with me on this, and before i forget i love anything in black and white, they are one of my favorite colors, they match anything you wear and make you look amazing. Like always there is a story to my outfit, so a quick one on my shoe, this happens to be my first ever Zara shoe which i got and its been with me for almost 3 years now, soon to be in the give-away basket. I know some people are like she has so many Zara clothes, shoes and accessories, well, why i have quite a collection is because Zara is a well recognized brand, they produce amazing clothes and shoes and not just that but is also affordable so before some of you disagree with me you should try them and see if their collection is not worth the price and affordable; A  little info on my location, these pictures where taken in front of my school- Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University, i promise to tell you guys more about my school subsequently in my next post. Hope you like the outfit be sure to inbox me on any of my social networks, i love you guys and have a wonderful week.


Saturday, January 7, 2017


Hey guys.... how are we feeling about new year going, for me its been pretty wonderful and still grateful to see the year. The weather of late has been really crazy and freezing with unpredicted snowing with the weather forecast reading minus in some days, yes sometimes it reaches -21 degrees, and because of that i have been forced to be indoors and not just indoors but also under my blanket, i have hardly left my room to go out which makes it boring for me. Today happens to the the 7th of January which is a special day in Ukraine because it marks the birth of our Lord Jesus in this part of the world, in other words, it's Christmas in Ukraine, the Ukrainians celebrate their Christmas today, and i know some of you will be asking why they have theirs today, well if you are so curious to know try visiting my previous post "BRYT XMAS" am sure you will get answers to your curiosity. As for me well i guess i am celebrating christmas for the second time * laughing* isn't it wonderful, although, it breaks my heart to think of the fact that my holiday will soon be over. Lets talk about my outfit a little.. there is a lot of history behind the gorgeous skirt, it happens to be previously owned by my mom cause now it's mine, i was so in love with skirt; the texture and patterns on the skirt and so i sort of borrowed it and got a tailor to adjust it to my size and now i guess my mom wouldn't be needing it again cause the waist is quite smaller now, well that's a plus for me cause it has been added to my collection. i decided to add the black turtle neck sweater and the high boot i got as a gift from someone special and the olive green jacket i got during of my visit to the capital city (KIEV) here in Ukraine..


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