Saturday, September 16, 2017


Salut les gars (hey guys- translated from french), i have missed you guys so much it has been like forever, well just to answer the inquisitive minds of those that have been wondering what has been happening to blog, i decided to go on a break for a while because i was preparing for a national examination in Ukraine popularly known as KROK. As a medical student and with the year i was in i had to focus my energy more on school work and i believe is the only and most important reason for me taking a break for a while from my blog. So good news because i am back and i will be dropping different cool outfits taken from the summer, and to start with i give you the " graffiti blend".
I decided to go for this outfit because i wanted to try out different colors at once without necessarily 'color blocking' and yes it worked. i went for the skirt because it does not only match the background but it also catches the attention of everyone as you go on your daily activities, it has so many details with different colors and yet still so simple, the white top however is quite simple and being white compliments the skirts and makes you stand out amongst other, the pink heel shoe also is one of my favorite among my collection and so i chose it because its one of my favorite colors and to match this outfit to appreciate the wonderful nature of art, and trust me you can choose different shoes like the flat shoes, canvas and even a sandals to go with this outfit, which means you could go out to a dinner, to a party, to school, and even to work and still look good and unique among your peers. the one true exciting thing about the outfit is the skirt which has so much of art details and colors and the top which compliments it. So if you are looking on how to wear so much colors and yet not look like a rainbow or to be more polite not 'color block' this is the kind of outfit you should go for because you will look stylish and also get the attention of everyone around you. special thanks to a very special someone for gifting this skirt to me.



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