Sunday, February 25, 2018


Hello guys, it is another beautiful day and i am excited because firstly, we all are fortunate to see yet another day and secondly, i am about to gift you guys a banger which happens to be my "grey male tailored two piece".
      Let's just start with the fact that this winter has been crazy with snowing off and on and when it snows it's so heavy. Quite happy i got a good shoot on one of the clear sunny days. This outfit was really cool and comfortable with neutral color grey which goes with almost anything, i added a pop of color with the burgundy shoe. let me just let you guys quickly on a little secret, i am in love with  shoes and anytime i put up an outfit, the shoes are one of the key ingredients to the success of the outfit. In other words, i cannot do without shoes, some of my friends say it is an addiction, some say is an obsession... they all mean the same thing.
   Guess what? I told you guys this year is blessed. This particular outfit is featured in covet fashion game it's so exciting because before putting this outfit to the world via my blog it's already out there,  i'm just two months into 2018, so let's get to the secret behind this outfit.
This is a simple grey tailored two-piece cloth designed by stradivarius, i chose to go for the white inner top because it makes the outfit more sophisticated. Other colors can also be worn with the outfit but trust me white is the best pick. I have a scarf round my neck because the weather was a bit cold despite the day being bright. I went for grey because i did not want to add too many colors especially with the choice i had for the shoe which brings me to the last and most favorite thing about this outfit.  ZARA really pulled this one off with the shoe, it's so gorgeous and i'm sure you also like it.
     So for those working in the bank, law firm, hotels, hospitals, schools, etc... another option for you to try out as you plan your outfit for the day.
Thanks once again and i love you all, see you again in my next post.


Saturday, February 3, 2018


Happy new year to all the members of the Mcbryt family (i mean you guys), this is such a wonderful year and i want to use this opportunity to congratulate all of you that made it through last year 2017 and enjoying the new year. I am really so happy because this year is already showering me with surprises and am not even through January yet, i am already ripping rewards of my hard work and its all thanks to you guys, just so share a few, i got my pictures to Pulse tv advert and  another of my pictures on a billboard in one of the malls in Nigeria and why its surprising to me is because i did not even know and had doubts, people literally had to show me and congratulate me, that was when i was like 'this is for real' some even asked me if i collected profits, so crazy right. And to make it more interesting i have more photo sessions and appointments this year compared to last year; i have photo sessions booked every week this year till July. So yes am so excited and it would not have been possible without you guys, i will share more of my testimonies on my upcoming posts i love you all. this year i have a special package for you guys and to start gifting you all i came out with an outfit 'blunt orange in the city'. i hope you guys like this outfit as i share more light on it  shortly.
 On a particular day i decided to take myself out for a treat in the city centre and with the way the centre is busy with various activities i wanted something simple, good looking and also something that would not attract the eyes from everyone but a few as i walk-by while moving around, so the color was what stroked me first because though orange it a bright color the shades on this particular outfit it is not 'shouting' for the fact that is dull and i just need to blend in the crowd, i thought about this obviously before deciding to plan the outfit, so i just experimented it and guess what, it worked, i did not attract the eyes of so many people and the few that noticed me actually complimented on my outfit so yes another one in the bag for the StylebyMcbryt. So trust me if you want to go out and relax and not catch the eye of everyone you do not necessary have to wear black and other colors related that will make you unnoticeable in the crowd you can add this to your option and still blend in, look classic, good-looking, and elegant.


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