Friday, December 13, 2019


Hello lovelies, how are you guys doing? The year is almost ending how cool is that! is so funny how fast the days went by and now just a month to the end of the year. I will be graduating from medical school in  2020 and i actually can't wait to finish medical school and start working as a doctor.   Anyways enough about me let's talk but this beautiful monochromatic look that i love so much. Just working with two prefect color that happens to be my favorites (black and white), and we all know this color goes with practically anything.
    I'm styling this beautiful white polka dot off the shoulder top a friend gifted me and a black combat trouser i also got as a gift from another friend. Shout out to my friends though they know the kind of things i like and always get them for me i love you guys so much and am grateful. To add the icing on the cake i ended the look with my Zara black heels, Zara never disappoints.


Tuesday, October 1, 2019


Happy new month lovelies, and Happy Independence Day to my beloved Nigerian readers,
I’ve missed you guy so much that I had to just make a nice Come back with my green and white combo. I’m a proud Nigerian and what better way to show it if not in something i love doing dressing up, taking pictures  and blogging about it.
This whole fit just represented everything the Nigerian flag does peace and strength.
I got this pants and white shirt a while back when I traveled to Netherlands for a Medical Conference in Primark and I fell in love it the shirt firstly the whole crop tailored shirt was the first thing that caught my attention, additionally the material is of high quality and then looking for something unique and outstanding to complete the outfit I found this green pants, the material is really nice and soft. Let's not forget the stripes on the pant go perfectly well with those on the shirt too making it a prefect combo.


Friday, August 2, 2019


     A beautiful day, a beautiful weather, a lovely summer, it's that season in the year which i know most people have been longing for, a chance for everyone to showcase their beautiful bodies and enjoy all the fun and excitement. Today this is sophisticated simple free dress and a pair of brown heels. The dress is a simple dark colored light material with designs which looks like Versace style lol but actually is not its from Zara.
In my opinion this dress is best suitable for the summer because its a free with no restrictions of movements and of course when you consider the heat that comes with summer you will agree with me, the choice of shoe is a brown Zara pair of heels, a simple choice for casual dates.



Saturday, July 13, 2019


OMG!!!! guys this summer has been super hot, to me i think this has been the hottest summer but then again i say this to myself every summer, let me tell you this summer for some reasons i really can't explain it velvet has been my go to from ( bags, shoes, jacket) etc and the funny thing is i remember when i was little i hated them cause that use to be my Christmas outfit and now am in love with it such irony lol. 
    Since i'm in love with it so much i decide to throw it all together with my black velvet playsuit and also my black velvet jacket and to add a pop of color i added this beautiful velvet bag... lol i know i'm saying a lot of velvet but i'm just trying to drive the idea, to break the whole look i added this black Fashionova heel i got for my birthday and guess what is also velvet lol.


Saturday, July 6, 2019


The sunnier the weather the more ideas for the summer, i have here a simple top and trouser. From the beginning i have a white top and moving further i have a simple tailored African print high waisted trouser and last but not the least a white pair of heels and some random accessories.
By now I’m sure you’ve realized how obsessed I am with African print. I love them, the different colors and patterns on them means a lot to me and African prints can be used in different styles and designs ( shirts , dress , trousers like I’m wearing )

 I really don’t have much to emphasize on  this outfit cause the picture says it all.. speechless this outfit is a multi choice because it can be worn to almost any gathering and you can still blend in. So yes another one the the bag for the summer i hope you like it.

shoes- zara


Sunday, May 19, 2019


Hey beautiful people, i've been wanting to ask this question do people still read blogs or just go on youtube and instagram, anyways thats a story for another day..
   Lets get into this outfit which happens to be snake print dress, printing has been in season since last year which was when i actually got this dress for the Christmas holiday cause i needed something to wear for my uncles wedding (the wedding was wonderful by the way). Its been so long i actually attended a wedding (about 5 years), which normally is strange because Saturdays usually are mainly busy with weddings across Nigeria,  so i paired the outfit with a wine colored pair of shoes and bag which made the dress the star of the show and i as you can see i was quite satisfied with the combo especially with how free the dress is.
  I'm so in love with the dress that i couldn't just let go, i had to wear it again this time to church and keeping to the trend of print on print i paired it with a yellow snake printed shoe. which i loved too but not as much as the first time i wore it "LOL" let me know in the comment section which was your favorite.

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