Sunday, November 4, 2018


      Its been a long time coming! It's been a while i Posted on my blog and i would like to apologize for not updating you guys on new outfits especially those who have been following this blog and waiting for new outfits there is a reasonable explanation for that, the truth is i needed some time off just to get more inspired and get my head in the right place because i am a perfectionist and i don't settle for less and also i told you guys earlier this year that i was going to be very busy which is the major reason why i have been away for a while now. 
      Aside the life of medicine i have been working on some amazing projects i can't wait to share with you guys. Since we are back to business i decided to go with something simple an outfit which am sure you will like and fortunately for me it's autumn which happens to be the season when we can layer outfits and am sure its not just me. Lets talk about what i have for you today, very simple and monochromatic, the Grey is a neutral color which goes well with anything and anyone and pairing the outfit with a lovely feathery shoes makes this look complete and perfect.


Sunday, August 5, 2018


As we continue to enjoy the summer and all that comes with it, there are lots of different events most especially weddings, baby showers, dedication, thanksgivings, etc.
A simple gown will do trick but a traditional inspired gown will do the magic. Here a simple Ankara free gown with unique African designs inspired mainly in Africa, a gold bag and a gold set of heels, finally the choice of accessories also gold as its common when rocking a traditional attire. i love this outfit and i hope you feel the same way, another choice for this beautiful summer. 

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