Saturday, January 7, 2017


Hey guys.... how are we feeling about new year going, for me its been pretty wonderful and still grateful to see the year. The weather of late has been really crazy and freezing with unpredicted snowing with the weather forecast reading minus in some days, yes sometimes it reaches -21 degrees, and because of that i have been forced to be indoors and not just indoors but also under my blanket, i have hardly left my room to go out which makes it boring for me. Today happens to the the 7th of January which is a special day in Ukraine because it marks the birth of our Lord Jesus in this part of the world, in other words, it's Christmas in Ukraine, the Ukrainians celebrate their Christmas today, and i know some of you will be asking why they have theirs today, well if you are so curious to know try visiting my previous post "BRYT XMAS" am sure you will get answers to your curiosity. As for me well i guess i am celebrating christmas for the second time * laughing* isn't it wonderful, although, it breaks my heart to think of the fact that my holiday will soon be over. Lets talk about my outfit a little.. there is a lot of history behind the gorgeous skirt, it happens to be previously owned by my mom cause now it's mine, i was so in love with skirt; the texture and patterns on the skirt and so i sort of borrowed it and got a tailor to adjust it to my size and now i guess my mom wouldn't be needing it again cause the waist is quite smaller now, well that's a plus for me cause it has been added to my collection. i decided to add the black turtle neck sweater and the high boot i got as a gift from someone special and the olive green jacket i got during of my visit to the capital city (KIEV) here in Ukraine..



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