Monday, April 9, 2018


Hey guys, welcome to my blog. I know i've not been consistent with my blog for a while now but it's because i've been having series of photo and video shoots accompanied with school work but i promise to make things much better. 
The outfit i'm wearing is a white two-piece which suits this particular period of the season perfectly since we are in spring and gradually entering the summer, the details on the two-piece speaks  for itself with the mixture of different beautiful colors and designs, the material feels so soft and comfortable and its fits perfectly. The outfit is detailed with so much designs so i kept my accessories to the minimal with just simple gold rings and bracelets. I went for a blue bag because i needed it to bring out more of the touches of blue on the design to make the outfit more colorful and to compliment the shoe which obviously did not disappoint. Finally i wanted to stay within the colors of the outfit so rather than go with white shoes (which will definitely go with the outfit) i went for a mix of both blue and green which was another great option. I hope you like this outfit.




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