Sunday, May 19, 2019


Hey beautiful people, i've been wanting to ask this question do people still read blogs or just go on youtube and instagram, anyways thats a story for another day..
   Lets get into this outfit which happens to be snake print dress, printing has been in season since last year which was when i actually got this dress for the Christmas holiday cause i needed something to wear for my uncles wedding (the wedding was wonderful by the way). Its been so long i actually attended a wedding (about 5 years), which normally is strange because Saturdays usually are mainly busy with weddings across Nigeria,  so i paired the outfit with a wine colored pair of shoes and bag which made the dress the star of the show and i as you can see i was quite satisfied with the combo especially with how free the dress is.
  I'm so in love with the dress that i couldn't just let go, i had to wear it again this time to church and keeping to the trend of print on print i paired it with a yellow snake printed shoe. which i loved too but not as much as the first time i wore it "LOL" let me know in the comment section which was your favorite.

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