Thursday, February 14, 2019


Happy valentine day people! I know i'm meant to upload a post about a beautiful valentine inspired outfit but i wanted to do something a little different i feel and from things i've learnt there is more to valentine than just wearing outfits with valentine themed colors and that is why i want to talk briefly about loving yourself and appreciating yourself more. Today reminds me so much about the times when i never found anything good about herself or to even think of loving and appreciating myself or my body even though people around me always told me how prefect and beautiful i am but for some weird reasons i never agreed with them. The moment i realized what loving yourself meant, its importance and effects i began to appreciate myself more and also i drew conclusion from the fact that it takes only one person to realize that and that one person is yourself, trust me ever since i realized what loving yourself meant my whole live began changing and not only did my life change my way of thinking did, i started seeing things very differently.
      This valentine is a day of love you don't necessarily need a partner to celebrate love as long as you can channel it towards yourself and whatever makes you happy and i am not just limiting it to oneself but generally showing pure love it doesn't matter where is can be to the homeless, orphanage, single parents, your family, relations, as long as it pure love from the heart is a well celebrated valentine and also those who have partners is also a day of good loving for your spouse.

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